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Program page DWV: DICOM Web Viewer


Installation on DCM4CHEE

DWV is a drop-in addition to DCM4CHEE Archive 2. Just place the .war file in the server file path as documented below, and configure DCM4CHEE as described on the DWV site.

  • Copy to server/default/deploy:
    • dwv.war created by jar -cvf dwv.war *at top level of repository
    • weasis-pacs-connector from [1]
    • dcm4chee-web-dwv from [2]

Installation on Orthanc

The DWV plugin for Orthanc is compiled to a shared object file libDwvOrthancPlugin.so using cmake. This file is then just copied into the Orthanc directory and included with the Orthanc configuration file. Once installed, a yellow button Series viewer will appear at the Series level on Orthanc.


PACS connector (through DCM4CHEE PACS)

Knee MR on I Do Imaging PACS: Static viewer Mobile viewer

Raw DWV viewer (upload your own data or link from URL): Static viewer


Changes made when installing DWV over Weasis

WebviewerNames	java.lang.String	RW	 weasis
WebviewerNames	java.lang.String	RW	 ANY