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Program page IOviyam


Installation in a correctly configured DCM4CHEE server is very simple: Copy the iOviyam.war into the directory server/default/deploy within the DCM4CHEE structure.


The Oviyam installation first must be present and working, and be confgured with the details of the hosting PACS. Also, the host PACS (DCM4CHEE) must be configured with the details of the Oviyam module (default OVIYAM2 / 1025 / localhost). Install and test Oviyam first.


The iOviyam user must be configured within the host image server (DCM4CHEE Archive 2) with the role of WebUser. If not, you will see multiple 403 Errors regarding authorization.

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Live Test Data

iOviyam2 is installed on the I Do Imaging PACS. The direct link is: [1] Connecting to this server from an iOS or Android device will re-route to the iOviyam2 installation: [2]

Direct link to brain MRI series

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