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Program page LONI Inspector

LONI Inspector can display the header information from a variety of file formats: DICOM, AFNI, NIFTI, Analyze, MINC and ECAT. It is particularly useful for comparing the headers of two image files, and highlighting where they differ.

Loniinspector 1.JPG


Download Inspector from the LONI website. It is a Java application so it requires that Java be installed on your computer. The program is in the form of a Java .jar file, which is started by a batch file (run.bat on Windows, run.sh on Mac or Linux). On Windows, it is helpful to turn on 'show file extensions' in Finder to see the .bat extension.

Loniinspector 0.JPG

Loading Images

To load several images from the same DICOM series, select them both and click 'Add Files'.

Inspector add 2.png

To load images from different series for comparison, load them individually. In this example we are going to load the first image from series 02 and series 04. First load an image from the first data set.

Inspector add 3.png

Then navigate to the second series and add the corresponding file from this series.

Inspector add 4.png