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Program page Oviyam


Oviyam is deployed as a drop-in war file on a DCM4CHEE Archive 2 server. All communications on the Internet side of Oviyam use standard Web protocols, so no special DICOM-specific configuration or software is need outside of the DCM4CHEE environment.


Installation is trivial if you have a correctly configured DCM4CHEE Archive 2 server running Java Advanced Imaging with no errors. In this case, simply copy the oviyam2.war file to the server/default/deploy directory of your DCM4CHEE instance.


  • Oviyam must be configured as an Application Entity in the host DCM4CHEE installation. Its default AETitle is OVIYAM2 on port 1025. This allows Oviyam to perform C-GET queries on the DCM4CHEE server, in addition to WADO requests.
  • User credentials are set in the hosting DCM4CHEE application, so add new users there.


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See Also

  • iOviyam, the smartphone companion software of Oviyam.