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A remote Windows workstation is available for each workshop participant. Each workstation is identical and has the workshop software pre-installed, along with some of the demo data.

The workstations are hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the EU (Frankfurt) zone. They were all created from the same disk image, but are independent, so any changes you make are local to that workstation, and will persist from day to day. There is no need to shut down the workstation at the end of the day. After the workshop these workstations will be terminated.

To connect to the remote workstation, first you'll need Microsoft Remote Desktop. Then, get your workstation number from the participant list; it will be in the form workshopXX. If you are allocated workshop50, your address is Login with the username workshop and password Turku2017.

The first time you connect to the workstation, you will be warned about a security certificate. You can approve this warning for this session by clicking 'Continue'

Remote desktop 3.jpg

Alternatively, to approve it permanently, click on 'Show Certificate' then select 'Always trust'.

Remote desktop 4.jpg