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This is the home page of the Semantic MediaWiki demonstration. It's available at

This wiki documents a simplified DICOM management system based on open source software. Not every category of the components of the system is documented, and not every field is defined within each category.


Servers - Describes a server that may host multiple processes.

  • Owner: Links to a page of category Laboratories, describing the laboratory that operates this server.
  • IP number: A text field with the IP address for this server
  • Memory: A numeric field holding the memory of this server, in GB
  • Operating system: A text field holding one of a defined list of operating system names

Processes - Describes a program running on a server.

  • Process type: Describes the function provided by this process (PACS software, database server etc)
  • Software type: The actual software that is performing this process.
  • Hosted on server: Links to a page of category Servers

Network services - Describes a externally-accessible service

  • Service type: The function provided by this service (PACS node, database service etc)
  • Port: A text field. The port is a property of the service, not the process or server.
  • AE Title: A text field for PACS services.
  • Uses process: Link to the page of the Process that is providing this service.

Data objects - Describes a, or other storage object.

  • Object format: Text field describing the object: File, database, web object etc
  • Object path: The name or URL of the object.
  • Used by process: Link to the page of the Process that uses this object.

Laboratories - Describes a laboratory that may own multiple servers.

  • Department: Links to a page of category Departments
  • Building: A text field with the building name of this laboratory