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This is the home page of the Semantic MediaWiki demonstration. It's available at

This wiki documents a simplified DICOM management system based on open source software. The example scenario consists of several laboratories, that each run multiple servers, that in turn run PACS servers and other processes. The wiki provides a structured format for documenting the technical details of all the components. All lists and reports are generated automatically when each page is displayed.


Servers - Describes a server that may host multiple processes.

  • Owner: Links to a page of category Laboratories, describing the laboratory that operates this server.
  • IP number: A text field with the IP address for this server
  • Memory: A numeric field holding the memory of this server, in GB
  • Operating system: A text field holding one of a defined list of operating system names

Processes - Describes a program running on a server.

  • Process type: Describes the function provided by this process (PACS software, database server etc)
  • Software type: The actual software that is performing this process.
  • Hosted on server: Links to a page of category Servers

Network services - Describes a externally-accessible service

  • Service type: The function provided by this service (PACS node, database service etc)
  • Port: A text field. The port is a property of the service, not the process or server.
  • AE Title: A text field for PACS services.
  • Uses process: Link to the page of the Process that is providing this service.

Data objects - Describes a, or other storage object.

  • Object format: Text field describing the object: File, database, web object etc
  • Object path: The name or URL of the object.
  • Used by process: Link to the page of the Process that uses this object.

Laboratories - Describes a laboratory that may own multiple servers.

  • Department: Links to a page of category Departments
  • Building: A text field with the building name of this laboratory