Software for the workshop

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Software for the workshop is pre-installed on the Remote workstation. To access this workstation you'll need to install Microsoft Remote Desktop.

All the applications may also be downloaded and run on your personal computer. This will require additional steps and most applications will ask you to authorise them before they run the first time.

Java and Java Web Start apps have additional security requirements. For Mac-based apps that will not run due to not coming from the App Store, see Running Mac applications

Imaging Software

All the imaging software used in the workshop is available to download and install on your own computer.

Software for the workshop
Name Description Platform Format Download Local
RadiAnt Viewer/PACS Win DCM Win
Synedra View Personal Viewer/PACS Win/Mac DCM Win Mac
Ginkgo CADx Viewer/PACS All DCM
MRICroGL Viewer/Renderer Win DCM NFT
LONI Inspector Metadata view Java ANA DCM ECA MNC NFT Download
VINCI Viewer All ANA DCM ECA NFT RAW Download Win32 Win64 Mac
MRIConvert Converter All DCM
DicomBrowser Metadata view/edit All DCM
DicomCleaner Anonymizer All DCM
Mango Viewer All ANA DCM NFT RAW Download
dcmtk DICOM tools All DCM Site
Conquest PACS server All DCM Site
Horos PACS client Mac DCM Site
Osirix PACS client Mac DCM Site
Orthanc PACS/DICOMWeb server All DCM Orthanc Direct
dcm4che3 DICOM tools All DCM