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Program page Synedra View Personal


Synedra View Personal is an advanced DICOM imaging workstation and PACS client for Windows.


Synedra View Personal has a fully-functional installer that allows the choice of installation location.


Default port number: 104 Default AE Title: SYNEDRA_AIM

Configuring multiple PACS servers is slightly unusual. There is only one field for remote servers' address, AE Title, and port. To configure multiple server, each field must contain a comma-separated list of the values for the servers. Once configured, the servers can be selected during the query process.

Synedra 0a.png


Synedra View has a configurable anonymisation feature that provides control over which fields are to be edited, and what the replacement value is to be. The default settings replace the patient's name, and create a random patient identifier. The birthdate is changed to remove the month and day. Identifying UIDs are replaced with mapped random values.

The anonymisation rules are accessed through the Edit > Anonymize tab. The default rule set provides a comprehensive set of fields to be modified, from which fields can be added or removed.

Synedra anon 3.jpg

Each field can be defined to be removed, kept without alteration, replaced with a random value, or other user-definable options.

Synedra anon 4.jpg

Anonymised files are saved by selecting the anonymised subject in the Document Tree and selecting Save.

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