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About the path

The Windows path is an environment variable that specifies the search path for finding installed programs. It is particularly useful for command-line programs, so the programs may be run by typing only the program name, without having to specify the installation directory of the program.

Viewing the path

Control Panel

Open the System Control Panel by searching for 'System' in the search box of the Windows task bar.

Windows search.jpg

From Control Panel, click on Advanced System Settings

Windows control panel 1.jpg

From System Properties, click on Environment Variables

Windows path 1.jpg

From Environment Variables, in the System Variables section, highlight Path, then click Edit

Windows path 4.jpg

The Windows path is now displayed. Each line holds a location that will be searched for an installed program.

Windows path 5.jpg

If you install a new command line program, you must add the path of the program to the path, so it can be found.

In this example we have installed dcm4che3 into a directory named C:\imaging\dcm4che-3.3.8. The actual programs are in a subdirectory named bin, so the full path to the programs is C:\imaging\dcm4che-3.3.8\bin

Windows finder 1.jpg

To add a new path, click New and fill in the path to the newly-installed programs. Click OK to save.

Windows path 7.jpg


To display the path in Powershell, type $env:path

Powershell path 1.jpg

Command Prompt

To display the path in Command Prompt, type path

Cmd path 1.jpg